Thursday 5 October 2017

That time we moved to BC

Three years ago we a big way. Planning for and moving across Canada didn't really allow for much else in our lives, but we finally settled in and have soooo much to talk about from summer reviews to some of the new projects we are working on. 

But first and foremost, welcome to beautiful British Columbia. Our current home province and the little town of Kitimat. We both originally grew up in southern Ontario, but decided it was time to hang out in a very different part of our country. If your not sure about where that is located we are sitting pretty on British Columbia's northern pacific coast across from the Queen Charlotte Islands, also known as Haida Gwaii.

What prompted such a move? Perhaps a completion of education, a new job, maybe a general lack of patience and growing irritation with southern Ontario city life (we still love Ontario dearly), could be a need for smaller community, more outdoors, a change of scenery. Whichever the hard and fast reasons were, we packed up our whole tiny life into a 5' x 10' trailer, tarped it into a hyper-wrapped life-size 'bread loaf', tacked that bad boy onto our tiny truck and drove 5,500 km to northern BC. It was a weighty decision for sure, but something that I'm glad we never looked back on.

Our equally tiny apartment was a pleasant surprise in real life considering all we had were tiny pictures when we decided to rent it. Definitely not a diamond in the rough. More like part of the rough, but as a close friend of mine said when we left our old tiny apartment, "all the magic is gone from this place", and it's because I know we brought it with us for this place. Optimism was also key in this life changes we made that year.

Our first impressions......

...Kitimat is just what we needed.

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