Thursday 5 October 2017

A thanksgiving cabin

With thanksgiving being this weekend here and our schedule making it difficult for us to figure out if even the two of us will be able to sit down together for some turkey and apple cider, its got me reflecting on how we've spent some of our past thanksgivings here in the north. When we first moved here we really figured it would just be the two of us for thanksgiving ....both rare and an adjustment considering the size of our amazing family. We banked on a quiet weekend of further adjusting to our new home with a bit of turkey, maybe some stuffing if we were ambitious, but we never thought we'd be giving that up for something slightly different.

In case you may not know us that well yet, it might help to know how much we love being outdoors. So we partnered up with the Kitimat Snowmobile and Hikers Club to help put the roof on this gorgeous cabin they have been building this season up on Robinson Ridge. Chad has done his fair share of cabin construction, but what made this thanksgiving most interesting was our view of the ridge when we first got up there. Not everyday you come up a mountain this way.....

As a hike this would be a minimum 2.5 to 3 hour hike to the top if you're experienced so getting all of the materials up to the ridge point meant flying everything up in bundles via helicopter....including the labour. This was our first time seeing the ridge and what a way to see the intense effort this club has put into this cabin. Really incredible. This was also our first time in a helicopter. Best. Flight. Ever. I'm not a seasoned enough writer to do a justifiable description of the experience, but it's definitely made the top 5 for life experiences. 

So on this spectacular thanksgiving weekend, I'd just like to note that I am thankful for the great people and experiences here in Kitimat, you've always got a spot at our table. I'm also so thankful for my main man, Chadwick for remembering to pull out the camera while my brain scrambled to make sense of the experience. For these and so many other people and experiences we are truly thankful.


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