Monday 26 November 2018

Our Favourite Christmas Traditions

Thought I'd share a few of our Christmas traditions right now that we've been maintaining over the past couple years. I see these traditions growing and changing in the coming years with our family and I CANNOT wait to see how things unfold. I do have to remind myself though to cherish the Christmas season as it exists now for us. As I know like many of us, I will likely look back on these Christmas' and wish that I could replicate bits and pieces.

The Christmas Tree

Right now we live in Kitimat, BC. It's about 16 hours north of Vancouver. So there is a lot of opportunity for us to hunt down a Christmas tree out in the forest around Kitimat. We've gone somewhere different every year to get a good look at the trees and make a little hike out of it as well. The trees are never totally perfect like the store bought live ones or artificial trees, but it usually ends up being a beautiful winter day and the quiet of the forest allows for some time to reflect on the year that's passed.

This obviously isn't a tradition specific to our family as I'm sure most north americans put up and decorate a Christmas tree, but it just feels like such a special part of the holidays every year that I had to mention it.

Christmas Crafts

Chad has agreed to participate in one larger craft project each year. A couple years ago we put together this Merry and Bright Marquee. We hang it every year and its given me soooo many other ideas for light up signs. None of which I've shared with Chad yet as I'm reminded every year how much he loves this sign when he continuously has to find new tiny little bulbs to replace the burnt out ones.

We also entered a craft fair one year, mostly to sell Chad's furniture, so I made little wooden garland with Christmas phrases and tress, candy canes, or stars on either side to also sell. They were a huge hit. So much so that we spent all of December taking orders and turning our kitchen table into a wood garland factory.

I'm ALWAYS looking for new holiday craft ideas. So if you have any, let me know.

Chad also recently took up chainsaw carving as another hobby. One of his first projects was this evergreen tree. We still have it sitting in the corner of our living room year round. 


I don't think this tradition needs much explanation. Baked goods. Holiday baked goods. Come on people, there are tins made specifically for sharing Christmas baked goods.

My two favourite recipes are these espresso thumbprint cookies and my sugar cookies with clementine icing.

Christmas Puzzles

This is a newer Christmas tradition. It just seemed right to sit around a puzzle all day while eating and drinking in good company. It stifles any unproductive banter, but allows for the right amount of familial closeness. It's also surprisingly addictive. Especially if you're able to leave the puzzle out during the holidays so people can pop in a couple pieces and move along with their festivities or choose to spend hours meticulously hunting for that missing piece.

I'm looking at getting some very Christmas specific puzzles this year and love this one, and this one.

Outdoor Activities

That first snow just sucks me right in. With our golden retriever we were out almost every day for walks and since she loves the wooded trails we've gotten in some truly stunning walks. Its now a huge tradition for us to get out during that first snowfall for a good walk.

Lake skating. I love indoor skating over the Christmas holidays as well but there is a natural magic to skating on a big old lake. Especially when the lake has somehow frozen completely smooth and boasts nothing but a light layer of hoar frost to skate through. If we can (and its cold enough) we seek out a good frozen lake for some skating. Thermos' of hot chocolate and some Christmas cookies usually make an appearance as well.

If we can get out for some downhill or cross country skiing then we absolutely do. Especially cross country skiing. We love it so much that we made sure our stroller for our little one, Eli could attach to a pair of skis so we can pull him behind us.

Christmas pyjamas

Christmas pyjamas are key in our family. Even during pregnancy (I was 6 months pregnant in this photo) Christmas pyjamas must be worn. Chad was such a good sport about this....not his favourite tradition, but he keeps it alive anyways.

Christmas Eve Lights Tour

I think my grandfather started this tradition actually when I was really young. I remember him driving us out to Niagra Falls on Christmas Eve to see the holiday lights display along the park near the falls. It was always full of light up disney characters that we all loved so much. Its felt natural to keep that tradition alive by touring the neighbourhoods around our house to see everyone's Christmas lights.

Like I mentioned above, I see some big changes to the holidays coming our way in the coming years. I'm sad about some traditions we will likely have to let go of, but excited for the new ones we will likely make together.

What kind of traditions does your family have?

- Katie



  1. love all these traditions, looking forward to making some new ones too that your sweet baby can now enjoy!


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