Saturday 24 November 2018

Filled Glass Christmas Tree Bobbles

As I've mentioned before...Christmas is coming. Chad and I will be hunting down a tree this year a little earlier than normal since we'll be spending some of December in Ontario with family. Its still important to us to celebrate our holiday traditions here even though we won't be having Christmas here in northern BC. 

These bobbles were so easy to make that I made them during a kids Christmas craft day I hosted with friends and their 5 year olds. 


* Twine
* Glass/plastic bobbles (these or these on amazon - I found mine at walmart)
* Glitter (if you're feeling brave)
* Silk flowers/greenery ( I used these eucalyptus leaves)
* Greenery and pinecones you find outside (be sure to let these sit out and dry first before putting them into the ornaments)

Carefully pull the silver stoppers off of the clear bobble ornaments and pour in your glitter or fake snow. Gently push in your silk flowers/greenery, pinecones, or other craft supplies.

Once your happy with how your bobbles look carefully pop the silver stoppers back on and tie a piece of twine to the top of each ornament to hang on the tree.

Try mixing things up by filling one with two different types of glitter or pairing pinecones with the fake snow to mimic a winter scene.

Place them on the tree in and around your lights so they shimmer from across the room. I ended up making 10 ornaments in maybe 30 minutes.

These quick holiday crafts are the greatest especially for those of us who don't have a ton of time, but appreciate handmade decor.


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