Sunday 10 March 2019

Things I'm Loving Sunday

1. I am OBSESSED with these rings . Definitely considering them for after we have our second little one.

2. Been following this blog for close to a decade now. Her vulnerability on instagram regarding her experiences with motherhood and the birth of her son is very inspirational. She provides a narrative on motherhood that I don't think gets shared often enough....I wish she wrote essays about it. Check out her instagram.

3. Speaking of essays on motherhood, this blog has me coming back for more and more wise words and kindness to keep me pushing through mom life. Their podcast is also unreal if you spend a lot of time at home alone with your little one.

4. Planning and organization is a huge part of my life. So if you need a good planner and are focused on goal setting. This planner is where it's at.

5.  Loved this blog post on the idea of a 'forever home'. Just because the house I think I'm going to have one day is forever in my head, and I need to remember to love where ever I'm living.

6. For anyone whose a knitter/crocheter. Have you tried the Chroma Fingering Yarn from Knitpicks? Pretty sweet stuff.

7. For anyone who is looking into a daily yoga routine that doesn't involve spending money at a studio, Fightmaster Yoga is AMAZING! Especially her Yoga Fix 90 and her Beginners Yoga 30 Day Challenge.

Questions for you:

1. I need book recommendations. Any and all. I'm fresh out of good reads.

2. Cookbook recommendations please.

3. I'm slowly starting to look into sustainable energy sources for small cabins. I'm probably going to start with looking into ways to get running water and indoor plumbing without necessarily digging and tying it in with the house plumbing. If anyone has any ideas as to where to start with this, please leave a comment below!!!

4. Always looking for recommendations for Canadian products. So much advertising for products in general is from the states. Looking for some reputable Canadian companies in regards to yarn or fabric, home and kids products, beauty and fashion. 

- Katie

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